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Technology Capacity Building

In 2018, RTW began developing its work plan for the next years to increase girls and women in STEM education and employment in its target countries through technology capacity building. As a first step, RTW started to work with partners locally to give workshops on robotics, programing and human rights. In 2018, RTW co-organized workshops, helping to recruit and train female coaches in the Geneva area. In 2018, RTW officially joined the PoppyStation educational robotics network, which emerged from INRIA labs and is based in France.

In 2019, RightsTech Women organized more workshops locally in Geneva on Robotics, Programming and Rights for Girls (in English and French), training more than 400 girls together with partners. This innovative work was recognized by the ITU’s WSIS Prizes 2021 as a Champion project in Category 1.

In 2020, RightsTech Women began delivering online trainings in data science to girls (in English and French).

In 2021, RTW began giving trainings on using satellite data to understand climate change. RTW continued doing these climate and data science trainings in 2022 and 2023.

RTW works to develop new trainings with partners, with a focus on climate.

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