Semaine européenne du code 2023

Marquez vos calendriers La semaine européenne du code 2023 se déroulera du 7 au 22 octobre 2023. Vous souhaitez organiser une activité EU Code Week et promouvoir l’initiative auprès de votre communauté ? Vous y trouverez des présentations et supports de communication qui vous aideront à obtenir les informations necessaires. Supports de communication vous trouverez… Read More

EU Code Week 2023

Save the Date Code Week 2023 will take place from 7-22 October 2023. Do you want to organize an EU Code Week activity and promote the initiative with your community? Here, you can find presentations and toolkits that will help give you the information you need. Communication toolkit Here, you can find the official EU… Read More

Programming, robotics and rights for girls at EU Code Week 2019

Learning to code helps us make sense of the rapidly changing world around us. – this is the motto of European Code Week. In 2019, RTW contributed to the movement by inviting 119 girls to take part in the event Programming, robotics and rights for girls at HEPIA in Geneva, Switzerland. Read More