How can girls and women use satellite data to understand climate change in their communities? Join RightsTech Women and partners for a free online training for girls aged 14 and older and women exploring this question. No experience is necessary! 🙂

Featured speaker: Florentia Protopsalti

Florentia Protopsalti is one of the technical coaches for this event and is our featured speaker. She received her Bachelor’s degree in nursing in June 2010 from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.
She was always passionate about science so she decided to change fields and study in the National Technical University of Athens as an Electrical and Computer Engineer. In 2017, she received her Master’s degree in Engineering(MEng). For the last 5 and a half years, she works at CERN in the IT department.
At CERN, she worked Initially as a System Engineer working on a large Data Management infrastructure on every step of the building process, including the creation and management of clusters, software deployment and testing, as well as continuous integration and maintenance.
Currently, she is a development team member working on the IT Service Management tool (ServiceNow), including operational support for both the tool and Service management processes in general.

She is a Member of the CERN Women In Technology Steering Committee and specifically coordinator of the Networking Activities.

About this event

Date: 30 March 2022

Time: 17:00-18:30 (CEST)

Who is this training for? This training is for girls and women aged 14 and older. We are working to get more women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), because women are underrepresented in these fields around the world. To make up for this difference, we organize trainings specifically for girls and women.

What experience do I need? No prior programming experience is needed.

Cost: Free.

Format: Online event (via Zoom). You will receive a Zoom link from us via email, at the same email address you use to order your Eventbrite ticket. We will send you this Zoom link about one day before the training. Please use that Zoom link.

Language: English (assistance in French available but the main contents are delivered in English)

Equipment requirements: You need a computer that you can use at home and a stable Internet connection. Please participate via Zoom using a computer and not a phone.

How do I register for the training? Register here:

How do I join the WSIS Repository of Women in Technology? Learn more about this initiative and how to join that by visiting the link,

What will I learn?

In this event:

  • Gitanjali Sah from the Strategic Planning and Membership Department of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) will welcome participants. Participants will learn about the WSIS Repository of Women in Tech initiative.
  • Ellen Walker, from RightsTech Women, will share about the need to get more women working in data science, on climate change issues.
  • Florentia Protopsalti, a technical coach, will share her career perspectives and experience of working in computing and data science at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.
  • Our technical coaches will introduce participants to how you can apply pictures of Earth taken from space to understand climate change in your local area and around the world. We will introduce you to satellite imagery and the process of working with such data to investigate your own questions. We will introduce you to Google Earth Engine, a platform you can use to visualize and understand climate trends such as deforestation, temperature change, and extreme events.

This event is taking place in the framework of the WSIS Forum 2022, in partnership with the WSIS Repository of Women in Tech. The WSIS Forum the International Telecommunication Union’s annual World Summit on the Information Society. You can find out more about the WSIS Forum 2022 by visiting: