Elargis Tes Horizons, 12 November 2022, Uni-Mail, University of Geneva

RightsTech Women and partners had the joy of training girls aged 11-14 on using satellite data to understand climate change. We ran three workshops (‘ateliers’) over the course of the day, one in English and two sessions in French. Girls enjoyed career talks with Karen Jex (Crunchy Data) and Florentia Protopsalti (CERN) who talked about their education, career path and what they liked about their work.

The girls gained an introduction to some basic concepts relevant to earth observation science and the use of satellite data in understanding climate change. After that, we turned to a demonstration of the Google Earth Engine Code Editor followed by a hands-on programming session, in which the girls explored running queries of their own and visualizing the results on a map.

RightsTech Women was thrilled to take part in this wonderful event for the second time. Elargis Tes Horizons offers girls in the Geneva area the chance to enjoy many different workshops and stands on a Saturday. All of the volunteers and coaches come together to try to encourage the girls into STEM careers by sparking their interest with hands-on science. We benefited from the use of a computer labs at the University of Geneva Uni-Mail building.

We congratulate the impressive Elargis team on another successful event and were really glad to be able to explore this interesting content with the curious participants in our workshops. They asked great questions. The time truly flew by.

We hope this will encourage the girls who attended to consider data science careers in order to understand the world (and bigger universe) around us.

Thanks again to all of the event partners, including Elargis Tes Horizons, CERN Women in Technology, CERN Micro Club, and the University of Geneva for a great day. Finally, a huge thanks to all of the volunteers (including ours) for this inspiring event!