We are a team with a bold ambition: to advance the human rights of women and girls in STEM fields. We aim to grow our team of professionals including by hiring staff, as we scale up our activities to achieve gender equitable STEM education and employment by 2030.

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Board Members

Ellen Walker, Founder & President, Geneva


Ellen Walker is an international human rights lawyer and educator with a serious passion for empowering rights holders to know their own rights, and how to claim them. Ellen envisioned and founded RightsTech Women (RTW) to get more women working in STEM jobs who know about their rights, while creating a bridge between technology and human rights.

Ellen brings to RTW 10+ years of experience in successful United Nations human rights advocacy, multilateral negotiations, and capacity transfer. Ellen works to reduce inequalities for women and among countries, while also learning and teaching others to program robots. Fluent in English and French, Ellen holds an LL.M. from the University of Geneva and a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.

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Makoto Ikeda, Board Member and Treasurer, Geneva

Mak Ikeda

Makoto Ikeda is a qualified physics, chemistry, and maths teacher, having taught in various international schools in the Geneva area. He recognised the need to nurture the interest in STEM fields among the girls in his classes and that teachers had an important role to help them navigate the obstacles placed before them in the classroom and in society. Before he entered teaching, he worked in particle physics research in CERN and in computing and telecommunications in a NGO, a startup, and a large multi-national. Makoto holds a BSc from MIT, MSc from the University of Michigan, and a PhD from the University of California. His teaching qualification (PGCE) is from Durham University (UK).


Alexandra Schafhauser, Board Member, Brussels


Alexandra Schafhauser has more than ten years of experience from working in the European Parliament in Brussels as a Political Advisor. She has a strong interest in human rights, and in particular in women’s rights, and has participated in the work on Women’s Rights in the European Parliament during her career. Alexandra holds a Masters Degree in Law from Stockholm University, and has studied a Law and Economics in Rotterdam, Ghent and Aix en Provence. She is fluent in Swedish, English and German.

Brice Copy, Board Member and Secretary, Geneva


Brice Copy is a software engineer at CERN since 2003, where he works on open-source industrial control projects for the LHC and general CERN infrastructure. Prior to this, he developed the project management tools used at CERN for the construction of the LHC and other large European scientific projects. He is passionate about technology and making it more accessible to further education methods, gender equality and human progress.

Brice holds an MSc in Distributed Computing from Kent University (UK) and is fluent in English, French and Italian.

Technical Advisors

Jason Myatt, Technical Advisor, US


Jason Myatt is a software engineer and architect based in Boston, MA (USA) who has been instrumental in the success of dozens of software projects since 1998, across a wide range of industries and technologies. Currently Jason works for EdX, an open source, online learning platform that helps deliver high quality courses from the world’s best universities to learners across the globe.

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Victoria L Hayek (Vickie), Advisor, Geneva


Vickie is a math teacher, sailor and passionate believer in lifelong learning, which keeps us young at heart and mind. Her life roles have included financial analyst, wife and mother, PTA executive member, teacher of secondary math and history in an international school, and more recently, around-the-world sailor. These roles have confirmed her belief that education (whether in the classroom or sailing in a fleet across the oceans) opens the doors to greater communication, understanding and friendship. STEM learning, in particular, allows individuals to apply learned knowledge in a collaborative effort to inquire and to solve problems using technology. It allows for the trial and error of possible solutions to get to a common goal. Vickie teaches her students that there are no mistakes, but learning experiences.

Get involved

We are always looking for talented people who have time to dedicate to our mission. If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV and letter of interest to volunteers (at) rightstech.org.