Safe digital spaces, a dialogue on countering cyberviolence

On November 4th, during the Internet Governance Forum 2020, UN Women, The World Wide Web Foundation , and IT for Change co-organized a round table discussion with tech companies and civil society organizations. It provided a space for dialogue for shared reflection between tech companies and civil society organizations on creating a multi-stakeholder strategy to… Read More

EU Code Week 2020: Online Event for Teachers, 23 October 2020

Introduction to Python for Teachers Teach Your Students Programming in Python and about Women in STEM Event date: 23 October 2020 Time: 12:00-12:30 (CEST) Format: Via Zoom video conference Languages: In English Open to: Primary and secondary teachers of any subject To Register: Visit the link, You will need to use or make your… Read More

Robotics and programming for Girls: Get involved!

CERN Micro Club and RightsTech Women are organizing a free, educational event in Geneva, “Robotics for girls”. We are looking for volunteer coaches who speak both English and French and are willing to transmit basic notions of programming to girls aged between 10 and 18-year-old.

The idea is to familiarize girls with basic programming concepts and human-machine interactions through the use of the educational robots “Poppy Ergo Jr”. Programming an object (such as a robot) is interesting as it gives immediate physical feedback and allows to learn quickly. We believe that early exposure and familiarity in a dedicated environment is key to demystifying technology. During the workshop, participants will also learn about the human right to education, including science education, in a child-friendly format. Read More

Volunteers needed!

RightsTech Women is currently looking for volunteers in the areas of research, marketing, fundraising, basic office administration and… baking. We offer to gain solid work experience under supervision, for a cause to advance the human rights of women and girls in the STEM fields. Check our page with volunteer opportunities in Geneva to read about open… Read More