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RightsTech Women is a Swiss, non-profit association that advances the human rights of girls and women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and employment.

We envision a world with gender equality in STEM education and employment by 2030, achieved through mutual capacity building by STEM and human rights collaborators.

What we do:

Activity Reports

2021 Activity Report

2021 was a year of persistence. RTW trained girls, women and teachers online for the most part as well as one very rewarding in-person training. RTW worked with exciting new partners to provide a new training to girls and women aged 14 and older on using satellite data to understand climate change. RTW sincerely thanks all of its partners and technical coaches who helped us keep advancing in 2021.

Read about our year in 2021 to learn more.

2020 Activity Report

2020 was a year of resilience. It accelerated RTW’s digital transformation and RTW began online training. RTW’s in-person trainings were put on hold, to resume when it is safe, possible and sensible to do so.

Read about our year to find out more.

2019 Activity Report

RightsTech Women had an amazing year in 2019. With partners, RTW trained more than 400 girls on robotics, programming and human rights in Geneva, Switzerland. RTW celebrated its second year anniversary and established new, fruitful partnerships, working with the City of Geneva and CERN, among others. Read RTW’s 2019 Activity Report to find out more.

RightsTech Women was founded in 2018. Read more about what RTW did in its first year.

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