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CELEBRATE: Happy International Women’s Day 2021 – Celebrating Women in Leadership

Happy International Women’s Day, friends! This year’s theme is ‘Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world’. If you have something yellow, grab it and put it on – the theme color for today’s celebration is yellow. We celebrate all of the wonderful women working for a more equal world and a better world for everyone. The journey of RightsTech Women has involved the support and contributions from many amazing women! We celebrate that, and you!

What women leaders have in common is that they do not give up. Let’s keep making things better for the women and girls around the world today and of the future by doing what we can today – literally today. Take an action today like the ones we mention next, and thank a woman leader who has made a difference to your life. And keep going! We need to work together to achieve equality for women and girls in STEM by 2030 (SDG 5). We can do it!

LEARN: Sign up for European Schoolnet ‘AI Basics for Schools’

Women: what better way to celebrate than by jumping into a free online course on Artificial Intelligence (AI) basics for schools?

Image credit: EU Code Week

📢 The new #CodeWeek online course for teachers starts today! Join ‘AI Basics 4 schools’ to learn the basics of #ArtificialIntelligence, how to bring AI to schools and what challenges and opportunities it entails not for education, but all aspects of life.  It takes place from 8 March to 3 April 2021.

Enroll here:

For more info: @codeweekeu on Twitter/Instagram, @codeEU on Facebook

#CodeWeek  #EUCodeWeekMOOC #InternationalWomensDay #ActForEqual

ACT: Registration now open for Generation Equality Forum: Mexico City 29-31 March 2021

Another great way to celebrate International Women’s Day is to get involved in the #ActForEqual campaign, leading up to the Generation Equality Forum, starting in Mexico from 29-31 March 2021 and culminating in Paris early this summer. Find out more here about the Generation Equality Action Coalitions working to mobilize everyone to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: Our readers may be particularly interested in the Action Coalition 5., Technology and innovation for Gender Equality.

For more information:

GenerationEquality #ActForEqual

Register here:

Find out more about the United Nations’ celebration of International Women’s Day here:

A live event observing International Women’s Day will take place from 10:00 UTC-05:00 to 12:30 UTC-05:00

Register for the 8 March UN event, here:

Media credit: UN Women

You can also follow the 8 March UN event on or

Happy International Women’s Day, and Happy Coding!

(Author’s note: Grabbing my yellow sweatshirt now)

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