EU Code Week is taking place from 10-25 October 2020. EU Code Week helps to bring coding to everyone in a fun, easy way. People organize and share coding events that anyone can do, in Europe or anywhere.

It’s for everyone! People of all ages and levels can participate, and there are easy and fun activities that any teacher or parent can supervise regardless of programming experience level. Information, activities and lesson plans are available in many different languages at Bring innovation to your students through coding and computational thinking, regardless of the subject you teach!

You can also create your your own coding activity. If you’re making your own activity, make sure it fulfills the criteria for EU Code Week activities by consulting the guide below. Once you’ve decided on your activity, the next step is to add your activity to the EU Code Week map. First, visit the EU Code Week website → Then, click on ‘Activities’, then click on ‘Add activity’. You will have to create an account if you didn’t already (you can use your own social media  account).

After completing your activity, fill out our form to help us find out how many girls participated in Switzerland this year: CodeWeek is for girls and boys. Because women are underrepresented in technology jobs, we especially encourage girls to participate and for teachers to encourage girls, too.

Activities must be registered after the 16th of September 2020, and can take place between 16th September – 23rd December 2020.

Here are links to help you get started.

Join us in taking part in one of the greatest coding initiatives and inspiring communities in Europe, which in 2019 alone engaged 4.2 million people in 80+ countries.

Happy Coding!

-The RTW Team

EU Code Week is a grassroots initiative which aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way.

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