RightsTech Women’s Coach Karen shows two of our learners how to program while another one takes a robot apart. (BY THE WAY, THAT WAS REALLY FUN. AND THANKS, KAREN!)

Happy Girls in ICT Day 2020! Most people are staying safe at home now and we hope you are too. Still, it’s Girls in ICT Day 2020 on 23 April 2020! (‘ICT’ stands for ‘information communication and technology’.)

This year’s CERN Globe event was cancelled, like most other things

Unfortunately, CERN, CERN Micro Club, RightsTech Women and RTW’s coaches were not able to do a fun event in the works, to be held at the CERN Globe to celebrate this day. Collaborators had started working on this, but then it was cancelled for safety and health reasons. That’s okay; it makes sense to cancel it in these circumstances. But still, we’re sad that we can’t be together in person celebrating this big day with our learners and doing some fun learning activities together! There’s nothing more fun than coaching girls to learn STEM.

The good news: New RTW activities are in the works

Since we can’t train people in person right now, our team is working on online activities that we can do together with you in the coming months. Stay posted for more information about coming activities, and if you have ideas for activities that you as a learner would like to do, send us an email with your name, age and place to: info (at) rightstech.org. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Meanwhile, we can look back and celebrate some fun activities we and some of our partners did over the last year.

CERN celebrated Women in Science Day in February, in style!

Did you know that CERN organized a big outreach event for Women in Science Day in February? Women scientists from CERN went to local schools and talked about their jobs, and about the science that goes on at CERN. Did they come to your school in Geneva? Let us know. You can find some more information about that event, here: https://home.cern/news/news/knowledge-sharing/female-ambassadors-science-visit-local-schools.

Fun memories and cool science and human rights stuff

Below are some photos from recent events we took part in. There’s a Poppy robot, girls coding, a cool tour we went on with CERN Women in Technology, Codez la Science where we helped girls and boys assemble and program robots, and taught them about their human rights, and the anti-matter factory at CERN, which was fascinating.

ITU Girls in ICT Day 23 April 2020

This year, Girls in ICT Day will take place Thursday, 23 April and there’s more information at the following link from ITU (‘ITU’ stands for the International Telecommunications Union): https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-D/Digital-Inclusion/Women-and-Girls/Girls-in-ICT-Portal/Pages/GirlsInICTDay/2020/default.aspx. There’s online stuff you can check out if you feel like it, and a discussion taking place at 14:00 Geneva time. Details for the online dialogue:

  • Please click here​, Password: GirlsinICT (case-sensitive)​    
  • Connect 10 minutes before the beginning of the dialogue​.

Enjoy your special day, girls, it’s just for you! Although frankly, here at RightsTech Women, we think EVERY day is a girls in ICT day! Woo-hoo!

And to all of our learners of all ages, the most important thing right now is to get through this big pandemic safely. Don’t worry too much about other stuff. Now’s a great time to make a list of stuff you like to do and make sure to do those things, and take it easy. We’re all in this together. ❤

If you want to support our work and activities, and help us reach more girls and women, please go here to donate any amount: https://rightstech.org/donate/.

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