Today, the 11th of October, the world is celebrating the International Day of the Girl. RightsTech Women has a message for all girls: you can be anything! 

Trends on the job market indicate that employers need more STEM-skilled staff. This means traditional STEM jobs like e.g. scientist, programmer and engineer. But also, there are emerging and will continue to be many new types of jobs aren’t popularly identified yet, since the market is in a state of transformation due to automation and artificial intelligence, among other things. 

Since this day coincides with this week’s announcements of the Nobel prize winners for 2019 in some of the STEM subjects (chemistry, physics and medicine) it’s a good moment to remind girls about some inspirational and highly accomplished women in science with this resource:

And for teachers, there is a free lesson plan to do a Nobel Prize lesson about women who changed science and were awarded the Nobel Prize. The material is suitable for students from 13 years and up:

Please share these resources with teachers and girls you know (and ask them to pass it on).

If you want to learn more about this year’s winners and their achievements contributing to the lithium-ion battery and the discovery of the exoplanet you find more information here: 



RightsTech Women hopes that more girls and young women take the step to get on-board the promising STEM-train for a fairer, more peaceful and prosperous world for all! 

Other resources:

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