On Friday, 14 June, more than 30’000 women and men rallied on the streets of Geneva against the slow pace of eliminating inequalities between the sexes in general and the persisting gender pay gap in particular. Symbolically, demonstrators had called for women to finish work at 15.24 on that Friday afternoon, a time reflecting the 20% wage disparity with men.

RightsTech Women was there to show support for the demands of equal treatment of women in the workplace and in society in this historic strike. We marched, talked with people and paid attention to the creative banners highlighting inequalities and calling for action.


UN Women also took notice of the strike:

Read more about the gender inequalities in Switzerland here: https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/stats-behind-the-women-s-strike_minding-the-gap-between-the-sexes-in-switzerland/45028136


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