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Fair pay now! #2019grevedesfemmes

On 14 June 2019, thousands of women are gathering in Geneva to march for equal pay. Today women all over the world are generally paid less than men, with considerable differences between countries.

In Switzerland, women are generally paid 17% less than men. That makes it the 7th highest gender gap in Europe. Only 14,6% of women in the workforce in Switzerland are working in tech and the pay gap in the tech sector is 22,3%.

If things continue at the same pace as now, it would take another 202 years until the pay gap is fully closed!

The gap is the result of many factors, including occupational segregation, gender bias, direct pay discrimination, and access to education. Consequently, different groups of women experience different gaps in pay.

Closing the gender pay gap will take action from several stakeholders such as individuals, employers, and policymakers.

RightsTech Women will participate at the march the 14 June to support an elimination of the gender pay gap. By 2030 we want to see a zero gap.

Come and meet us there or follow our live feed on Instagram!

More information about the strike in Geneva:

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