Summer is coming and in June 2019, RightsTech Women is celebrating its first anniversary (time flies!). We are organising a special day this summer to celebrate and to raise funds for more „Robots and rights“ trainings for girls

Run for Pi(e) is going to be a family-friendly run in Geneva, which merges open-air activities with science and fun math education (about the famous number, Pi) and eating pies. Why is it all about pi and pies?

  • Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant which is approximately 3.14159. And we invite everyone to run or walk a distance of 3.14 kilometers.
  • Pi in English is pronounced the same way as a (yummy) pie, so we invite participants to eat pies too.

girl-run (1)

To achieve all of that, we need your help.

Do you want to join a team of motivated volunteers and event planners to help us bring the event to life? Please send your CV and short note indicating how you can help to Must be over 18, based in the Geneva area with a valid permit and own insurance.

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