Greetings, dear website readers! I am excited to be founding RightsTech, a Swiss non-profit association dedicating to advancing the human rights of women and girls in STEM fields.

Right now, we risk going back on progress made in human rights on achieving equalities, and breaking one of the most important rules of human rights advocacy: never go back, keep what you have, and always go forward. We owe it to all of those who went before us, and to future generations, to keep advancing on human rights.

At the same time, we are in tremendous times of innovation and opportunity in STEM fields. Many changes are taking place in science, computing, communications technology, and in how we share information. Most critically, STEM fields are challenged with mitigating climate change. It is a period of rapid change and there is a lot of work to do.

Going forward, women and girls who are STEM learners and professionals should know about their internationally protected human rights, while they play a part in finding the solutions to the challenges that the Earth faces.

As STEM fields advance, we also need international human rights standards to be promoted. We need to build up human rights infrastructure so that new technology does not exist in a human rights vacuum. For this reason, RightsTech will aim to improve the channels of communication between human rights and STEM fields. And for the same reason, we want human rights practitioners to get more up to speed on technology so that they (we) can use it better to promote and advance human rights, for the enjoyment of all.

Exciting times, my friends. Stay posted!



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